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MIT scientists invent waterproof, wrinkle-smoothing cream

Scientists at MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, Living Proof and Olivo Labs have invented a silicone-based cream that, when applied to the skin, smoothes wrinkles and forms a weightless, waterproof and temporary second-skin.  The cream, when dry, looks and feels like real[...]

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Can’t catch me! Boston Marathon organizers lose bid to stop trademark in Marathon Monday

The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) lost its bid to stop Velocity, LLC to register a trademark in “Marathon Monday” for athletic apparel. The Trademark Trial and Appeals Board ruled that while BAA is synonymous with, and therefore has trademark rights[...]

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New front emptying trash can, never touch the dirty inside of a trash can again!

Fresh patent application!  Published yesterday on behalf of inventor Aaron Friedman:[...]

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How can you patent software? Go ask alice.

Here’s a simple question I get a lot.  How can I patent my software?  I’ve got this great app.  How do I protect it? The answer should be simple, right?  Computers are machines.  Machines are built by men and are[...]

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Cool patent: Furniture for Generating Green Energy

No time to ride your bike to Starbucks?  Ride your “bike” at Starbucks, and charge your iPhone while you sit.  Neat, huh?  U.S. Patent Application 2014/0194257 by Belgian WeWatt.  [...]

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Look ma, no soil!

First there was hydroponics.  Now there is aeroponics.  Check out this amazing Garden Tower.  My friend’s rocking two different kinds of lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, peas, basil, dill and peas…a farmer’s market in the space of a grill.  She planted[...]

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Hope springs eternal…springing for more money, that is.

This is the second client in a month coming to me after contacting an invention promotion company.  This firm at least did a respectable patentability search, but they buried it in 200 pages of a slick, yearbook-looking Product Summary Digest.  180[...]

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Hope springs eternal…

Sigh… The client came to me with a dream and a blank check. I wish it were that easy for me to make him a million dollars. But he went first to an invention promotion firm he had seen on[...]

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