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It’s Spring time

May 13, 2022

It’s Spring time at the law office! All fun and games aside, we are keeping busy with many new and interesting projects.

Please join me in congratulating Adriana, Kathy, Victor, Galina and Gennadiy for their new trademarks. That’s a lot of new businesses getting off the ground and clients locking down their brand. Those trademark registrations are good for at least 5 years. On the patent side, Gerald was just awarded 4 patents for his innovative flowerpot with integrated soil anchor and drain. He has 4 more patent applications coming down the pike. For the billiards fans among you, Dave thought of a really cool way to perfect your aim – a Pangler(R) brand reversible billiard aiming tool. Isabella just got a copyright for her adorable cat illustration. We have some really creative clients. Stay tuned for more client news.

These patents, trademarks and copyrights come in handy when my clients find their product or art being knocked off. In fact, you need an actual copyright registration certificate to sue for infringement. It is not enough to add a (c) to your work and it is not enough simply to file. This is an ongoing battle with some of my clients against those who try to cash in on their hard work and good names. I have been able to help several of my clients get counterfeit products off Amazon, Walmart and other major e-commerce sites.

When not protecting our clients’ ideas and businesses, we do our part to share our knowledge with others in the profession. Lesley Wallerstein recently joined the faculty of Lawline. Lawline provides live and on-demand continuing legal education programs in a variety of content areas. Her presentation, titled Patents, Trademarks and License Agreements for Manufacturers and Fabricators is now live and available to watch on-demand. Those who can, do…and they teach!

Watch for more client and law firm news in the weeks to come. If you are building a business around a great product or services, think about all the time and energy you spend. Isn’t it all that worth protecting? Call or email us today to learn more about how patents, trademarks and copyrights can protect your business.

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