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100% inspiration... 0% perspiration

Can you guess the patent? An intellectual property scavenger hunt

Let’s face it, many, most or all of us are going to be landlocked for the next couple weeks. I am going to do my part by working remotely and spending more time in the great outdoors. I am not[...]

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Law Office open for business as usual – video conferencing and other online services available

The Law Office is open for business as usual, but our clients’ health and safety come first. If you need services, we are available online. We continue to offer video conferencing, secure online payments, and secure online document transfer. Do[...]

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How to get the most value from your new patented product – Patent Marking!

Now that you have your patent in hand, protect your investment by marking the patent number on it. Patent marking notifies the world you own this patent. Mark your product, its packaging, or virtually mark it on a dedicated website.[...]

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Lesley Wallerstein Teaches Chicago ProVisors Attorney Group about Intellectual Property Law

Today I got to wear my teacher hat and my lawyer hat at the same time. Thank you to the local ProVisors chapter for inviting me to speak. Thank you to my colleagues for welcoming me and engaging with me[...]

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Six of one, half dozen of patents and trademarks

This week’s total: 6 patents and trademarks. 3 of the 4 patents go to Steve I., who designed these super fun, funky and functional motorcycle engine guards. They flash different colors in the dark, either to the beat of music[...]

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Local high school students set to receive second utility patent – Reflections on the value of an MIT education

It’s been quiet on the website, but things are really popping at the office. I’ve got 4 patents coming in October 15: three design patents for illuminated motorcycle engine guards and a utility patent for twist-free cling wrap. This is[...]

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A thick envelope kind of week

It was another thick envelope kind of week. Last week’s count: 1 patent, 2 trademarks. The patent issued just 6 months after filing. The examiner allowed the application immediately and without any amendment. Clients and I love when this happens.[...]

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More patents and trademarks issue: Clients happy

It’s been quiet on the blog, but the last two months have been busy making clients happy. Two more patents issued: one for a new percussion musical instrument and the other for a clever sun shield for the face. Many[...]

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U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Remains Open during Government Shutdown

“Although parts of the federal government have experienced a lapse in appropriated funding, the USPTO remains open for business as normal. This is possible because the agency has access to prior-year fee collections, which enables the USPTO to continue normal[...]

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