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Lesley A Wallerstein, LLC Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Sep 2, 2021

This summer, the law firm celebrated its 10th anniversary. Here is a look back at our accomplishments to date. We have successfully prosecuted over 40 patents, and almost 200 trademarks. Please join me in congratulating Brett on his 4th patent, and Steve for his 6th patent. Our patents and trademarks have helped clients ward off counterfeiters on Amazon and throughout cyberspace.

We performed over 50 comprehensive patent searches. My highly skilled, U.S.-based search team scours patent and non-patent databases worldwide. Their research goes far beyond publicly available resources and clearly shows our clients how their invention compares. I interpret that data to help a client understand whether a patent is the right investment. In many cases, we learn it is not, saving the client time, money and energy.

On the trademark side, we have done over 25 comprehensive trademark searches. These identify a client’s likelihood of securing the mark they want. In more than a few cases, the search revealed a serious risk of trademark infringement. For a fraction of the cost of defending a lawsuit, I can confidently advise the clients to choose a new name.

The law firm salutes the young inventors in the practice. A.P. and J.P., age 19 and 17, just received their 4th patent this summer. A.P. leveraged her patents to secure a full scholarship to a prestigious undergraduate business school entrepreneurship program. G.C., age 12, and B.C., age 16, just filed their first patent application. J.A., age 17, is hard at work perfecting his invention in the field of lawn care.

We are grateful for our clients, whose raw ingenuity fuel and creative energy sustain us on a daily basis. We provide the legal tools for making their dreams a tangible reality. The law firm looks forward to many more years helping clients build successful businesses around the products they invent, and the brands they create.

Instead of “Why didn’t I think of that?” think of us!


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