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Congratulations All Around; Client Site Visit

Oct 13, 2021

The law office continues to stay busy creating and defending our clients’ valuable intellectual property. There are lots of congratulations to go around this month. Hats off to Will for his second patent, and Matthew for his second trademark. We persuaded one of the world’s largest software companies to allow my client to continue using his common law trademark. We settled quickly and amicably what could have been a long and expensive trademark infringement lawsuit.

We took a road trip this weekend. Our destination? Morton, Illinois, about 20 miles east of Peoria. Not only is Morton the pumpkin capital of the world, but it is also home to Fugate Instruments. We love client site visits! It is not often a client receives two patents within a short period of time. So, we marked the occasion by making the three-hour drive to hand-deliver them. These are patents number 4 and 5 for inventor and founder Brett (identified with permission). Four of these are for the xylophone support, marimba, and drums you see here. Brett gave us a tour of his expansive workshop. We were amazed at all of the equipment, the tools, imported rare hardwoods, and shiny aluminum chimes.

Lesley Wallerstein congratulates client Brett Fugate on his 4th and 5th patents

Congratulations, Brett

This very small business has actually made a very big mark on national history. Because of Brett’s keen scientific understanding of percussion instruments, he won a contract with the National Park Service. They provided the chimes for the Tower of Voices memorial to Flight 93, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. You can learn more about the Tower and even listen to the chimes.

When not “sculpting” sound, Fugate applies his knowledge and creative energy into creating products that solve public health issues. He and his team built and patented this Translucent Health Gate that anyone with ordinary skill and tools can install in a door frame of any size, protecting people on either side from spreading germs.

We left thoroughly energized and looking forward to seeing what Brett creates next. Thank you, Brett, for your hospitality. We are grateful for the opportunity to represent him, and all of our valued clients. What did you create today?

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