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We have some litigation chops, too!

Jun 10, 2022

We have some litigation chops, too!

Generally, we stick to preparing applications and negotiating license agreements. However, when a corporation or an examiner gives one of our clients a raw deal, we are all over it. Joanne spearheads an environmental remediation service company which is turning the industry on its head. Why? For using lowly mushrooms to convert toxic construction waste into beneficial materials. She disrupts the current model, which requires a cleaning team to physically visit contaminated land. Customers send Joanne samples of their waste and she tests them to determine which species of mushroom most optimally degrade it. She then sends those mushroom spores to her client to apply on site themselves. Pretty ground-breaking, wouldn’t you say? (sorry, we could not resist the pun).

We helped Joanne apply for a registered trademark. The examining attorney kept rejecting the application. It became clear he and even his supervisor did not understand Joanne’s business model. Accordingly, we appealed his decision to the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board. We brought the legal research and writing skills. Joanne brought her meticulously organized evidence. This week, the Board ruled in our favor. Joanne will receive her trademark later this summer. She was over the moon.

Do you have a business built around a great product or service? Think about all that money, time and energy. You’ve got a reputation and a brand. Isn’t that worth protecting? If you’ve ever wondered whether a trademark is right for you, call or email Lesley today.

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