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Flat fees for many services mean no hidden costs and no counting minutes on the clock when you need advice.

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Latest News

Do I need a patent search? How much does a patent search cost?

These are among the most frequent questions I hear. Many of my clients have heard of doing a patent search. Some have even started one themselves. This article will explain what a patent search is, the benefits of doing one,[...]

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How can I patent my app? Or can I?

Almost seven years into this practice, one of my most frequent questions remains: “how can I patent my app?” There seems to be an app for everything and anything you need: dating, buying groceries, learning quantum physics and choosing the[...]

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Trademark dispute brews between Ravinia Festival, neighborhood pub

Ask anyone who has ever lived in Chicago, the best thing about the city is its summer. We throw off our coats, toss our boots into the closet and celebrate the joy of being outside again. The lakefront comes alive[...]

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