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A graduate of MIT and a former patent examiner, I know how to write  patent and trademark applications and get them done right.

Got a fabulous logo or name you want to protect? I can help you trademark it.

I promptly return your calls, answer your questions and keep you up to date.

Flat fees for many services mean no hidden costs and no counting minutes on the clock when you need advice.

Free referrals to trusted business support professionals in marketing, finance, manufacturing, and promotion.

If you want a patent attorney or trademark attorney who does more, call me today for an appointment.

Latest News

Grateful to be named to the 2019 Illinois Super Lawyers list

In other news, Super Lawyers Magazine has named me to their 2019 list of Illinois Super Lawyers®. I am grateful for my peers for nominating me. It means a great deal to have their trust and respect. According to their[...]

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How FUCT is this trademark?

We may find out soon. While the rest of the government has ground to a halt, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and the Supreme Court are hard at work. How FUCT is that? Seriously, the PTO and Mr Erik[...]

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U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Remains Open during Government Shutdown

“Although parts of the federal government have experienced a lapse in appropriated funding, the USPTO remains open for business as normal. This is possible because the agency has access to prior-year fee collections, which enables the USPTO to continue normal[...]

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