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“Be That Lawyer” welcomes Lesley Wallerstein

Aug 9, 2022

Lawyer business development coach Steve Fretzin welcomes Lesley Wallerstein on “Be That Lawyer.” On this podcast, hear me speak about how a “card-carrying introvert” built a successful law firm from the ground up. It took some getting comfortable with the discomfort of public speaking. It took believing that I had a worthwhile service to offer and just putting myself out there. For sure, some people would want the services I offer. Others would not, and that is OK.

I may “Be That Lawyer” but I cannot do it alone. When my clients need help outside of my wheelhouse, someone from Provisors can point me in the right direction. This is a vast national network of highly respected and vetted professionals, not only in law, but also in finance, real estate, human resources and information technology. We all share a mindset of helping and giving. When I first joined, our home group leader gave me a copy of Adam Grant’s Give and Take. When Steve asked me what my favorite business book was, I couldn’t recommend this one enough. The ladies of North Shore LAW are an amazing source of support.

Cliches aside, I run this law firm the way I want other professionals to treat me. I explain what I am doing and the reasons why, in plain English. If you want a lawyer who promptly returns your calls and answer your questions, call or message me today.

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