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Track One and Done! Patent allowed in under 4 months.

Oct 27, 2017

We are so happy to hear another client will be receiving her patent in under a year.

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It was my client’s idea to expedite her application. We did a patent search, and found nothing. We decided to go ahead and file. When I told her patent applications typically take 2+ years, she was crushed. We talked about fast-tracking it. I offered her the option of going Track One. This comes with a $1000 surcharge, on top of the standard filing fee, and other costs. I could not guarantee her a patent, but the patent office promises a decision within 12 months. She said, “go for it.” So, we paid the surcharge and got everything on file August 18. I was fully expecting the process to take 12 months.

Totally out of the blue today, the examiner called. She said everything looks great, she found no prior art and would allow the application. This is less than 4 months later. I told the  client she will be receiving her patent before Christmas. Her words, “I have no words.”

Love when that happens.

Congratulations, C.M.!

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