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So much good news

Jun 4, 2024

We have so much good news to share. John was awarded his first US Patent, for an Upright Vise and Method of Repairing a Liquid Paint Displacement Pump. What is that, you may ask? John drives a highway paint striping truck. Those yellow and white highway lines you see are painted by trucks. The paint comes in giant displacement pumps. These are like spray paint cans, but 80 pounds and under even more pressure. These pumps get heavy use and need frequent repair. People who know how to repair these pumps, and garages equipped to handle those repairs are few and far between. John invented an upright vise that can attach to the hitch of any common flatbed truck. This enables one person to repair the pump wherever he or she is, and not lose time on the road. Congratulations, John!



Carl just got his first trademark registration to protect his marketing podcast. Rick D. now has a ® next to his new preschool. Ricardo has his second trademark, this one protecting his magic and cabaret theater. Leslie now has 3 trademarks to her name, for her group of retail stores in Harbor Country, Michigan. Many more patent and trademark applications are in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

We settled three copyright infringement cases and are working on 3 more.

Lesley A. Wallerstein, LLC was approved for her 4th year as a WBENC Certified Woman-Owned Business. There are significant tax benefits to hiring a WBENC certified law firm for your company’s intellectual property needs. This is yet one more reason to choose Lesley A. Wallerstein, LLC to protect your company’s intellectual property. But don’t take my word for it, read what my happy clients have to say about working with me.

Now if only someone would invent something to drown out all the cicadas…

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