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Mother was the Necessity of this Invention:

By In interesting inventions, patents On March 7, 2014

And the inspiration for this blog:


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  • ideacounsel 6 YEARS AGO

    As the saying goes, Necessity is the mother of invention, but in this case, mother was the necessity of invention. My 11 year old daughter has a "thing" about creepy crawling things, and we certainly have those in abundance in this house. One day I just got tired of jumping out of bed to capture the darn things, so I continued to lay in bed. She calls me back 20 minutes later and I relent, only to find her holding this...um, apparatus against the wall. Inside there was indeed a living, breathing (not for long) flying insect. With a index card in hand, I trapped the little guy inside and released it to the frigid outdoors. So impressed with this creation I dropped my existing work and wrote her a patent application. Yes, indeed, this is a patent pending insect trapping apparatus...and we will all get a good nights sleep from here on out...


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