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We’ve Moved! And other good news to share.

May 24, 2023

We’ve moved! We’re just 2 miles down the street. Everything else is the same: same e-mail, same phone, same great client service.

We have all sorts of other good news to share. John and Kim received their first patent. Alix and Jake P. just received their 5th patent. Gerald received his 7th patent! Katarina received her first trademark. So did Marko. Olena received her second trademark. We revived trademarks and trademark applications for Josie and for Ricardo. We settled a trademark infringement case before it became a costly lawsuit. Jasmin received her first copyright. Lesley Wallerstein spoke at the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago about starting your own IP law practice.

New clients have shown us some really incredible inventions, in the fields of heavy industrial infrastructure equipment, industrial fasteners, sporting goods, and mobile equipment repair stations. We celebrate all of the hard work that goes into our clients’ businesses. You keep our country moving forward and more beautifully too!

Have you created a unique product or tool? Do you have an amazing brand name? Reach out today and lock all that down.



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