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July 25 – North Shore LAW presents free “College Send-Off” Event at Northbrook Public Library

Jul 20, 2016

As a parent or guardian, your To-Do List to prepare for college, a gap year or simply having an adult child, is not complete without having your young adult review and execute an Illinois Power of Attorney for Health Care that includes a release of medical information and records. With this key document in hand, at any time your adult child is unable to consent to medical treatment or even give permission to allow you access to medical information/records, you will have immediate access and be able to act according to his/her wishes. If you don’t have this document, doctors and other health care providers will be unable to disclose vital information about your adult child and you will not be able to participate in decisions regarding that child’s treatment. The time to think about this and act is now, so you have peace-of-mind in the event of an emergency.

The attorneys of North Shore LAW #wearenorthshorelaw are offering the legal services of our highly qualified, experienced members free-of-charge to families in our community at two events this summer.

Your adult child must be present to sign the documents.

Meeting in the Pollak Room AB

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