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Garages, shoestrings and kickstarters…

May 1, 2014

I am trying to position my law firm as an alternative to independent inventors who may not be able to afford “downtown” law firm prices. However, I am finding myself fielding many inquiries from people who may have great ideas, but no money for legal advice, patent searching or patent application, even for an hour of my time. They could apply for grants or special programs, or join Kickstarter for financing, but that would require them disclosing their ideas without even a Non Disclosure Agreement, let alone a patent application.It seems that money is a real barrier to the invention process. Sure, the PTO has dropped fees for “micro-entities,” but inventors need to get to the filing stage first, and that requires an application. How to reconcile this in an ethical way?

We all know how Apple and Microsoft both were started out of a garage and on a shoestring. How did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates overcome this?  There was certainly no Kickstarter back then…
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