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Law Office Re-Opens for In-Person Appointments, Adds New Safety Measures

Jun 25, 2020

The law office continues humming along, virus notwithstanding. We were already set up to handle just about everything remotely. We continued meeting with our clients by video, filing their patent and trademark applications electronically, getting documents signed electronically, making and accepting payments, too. COVID-19 put many law firms to the test. For us, this was very much business as usual.

We are available again for in person appointments at the Lake Cook Road office. The building has added new safety measures to ensure your visit is safe and worry-free. They installed a new motion sensor at the main door (see below). We leave our suite doors open at all times, so there are no handles to touch. A large conference room has an 8 foot table that seats 2 a safe social distance.

Thank you to Edgar, Brian, Tracey, Evelyn, Beatriz and the U.S. Post Office for picking up, sorting and safely delivering my incoming and outgoing mail. You all made it look so easy!

The safety of our clients is our highest priority. We are here in real life, and we are here remotely—always to protect your ideas. To find out if a patent or trademark application is right for you, call or email me today.

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