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A thick envelope kind of week

Jun 4, 2019

It was another thick envelope kind of week. Last week’s count: 1 patent, 2 trademarks. The patent issued just 6 months after filing. The examiner allowed the application immediately and without any amendment. Clients and I love when this happens. This is the third musical instrument patent for this client—the second I wrote, and he has more applications pending.

Trademark one goes to the inventor of the Stembrace® invisible flower arrangement device. She actually has two patents behind this product. She gave it a great name, and now it’s trademarked. Trademark two goes to the inventor of an augmented intelligence software package to streamline social services case management. It’s a mouthful, so he’s got a super logo instead. All backed by the power of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

More patents and trademarks have been approved and are on their way to the patent office printer. I’ve got a set of three design patents coming down the pike for some really funky (and functional!) illuminating motorcycle engine guards. Keep your eye out for more clever products in the field of home construction, automobile repair, home improvement, food preservation and apparel. To see these, and other patents I’ve written, click here:

These clients agree patents and trademarks both are outstanding investments, and worth the wait. If you have a fabulous product, an industry disrupting service, a buzz worthy brand, protect it. Call me today to see if a thick envelope is in your business plan.

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