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Guess the celebrity inventor: every minute counts

May 13, 2020

Did you guess the inventor of the lip balm dispenser? In case you missed it, it was Charlie Sheen! The modular alphabet maker? That was Christie Brinkley. Here is another guess the celebrity inventor puzzle. This one will tick-le your brain. This one was news to me. The inventor was super creative – constantly pushing the envelope, not to mention pushing society’s buttons. This invention looks pretty ordinary when viewed alongside his body of work, yet is so on-brand in one very significant way. Sadly, he did not live to see this patent issue. I’d love to say any more, but I fear that will give it away.

Here is the patent drawing, minus the inventor’s name. Grab that patent number and type it into the Patent Office’s search engine:

See? Anyone can be an inventor! The office is open and running as usual. If you have an idea that you’d like to protect, if you are curious whether a patent is right for you, contact me today. Time is ticking…

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