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National Law Review calls our Ice Cream Cone Patent “Delicious!”

Jul 16, 2018

In case you missed it, yesterday was National Ice Cream Day. Did you know that you can patent ice cream? You can, and you can patent ice cream cones, popsicles and even ice cream truck designs. A pair of clients invented a “Three Part Ice Cream Cone.” Their patent issued just last month, as U.S. Patent 9,993,007. We were hoping to be 10,000,000, but, that was not to be. My clients were over the moon to receive their patent. They took an ordinary wafer cone, cut it off at the bottom, and inserted a specially shaped cookie handle through it. This forms a platform and enclosure that securely holds a scoop of ice cream. Ice cream cannot drip through the cookie. Edible and spreadable adhesive such as melted chocolate, cream cheese, peanut butter or marshmallow fluff binds everything together. An optional flavor topper can be laid atop the cookie platform:

Diagram for a three-part ice cream cone patent

Hold the Cone!

As if this was not exciting enough, just on a lark, they discovered the National Law Review blogged about their cone. As part of an article about other ice cream related patents, the author called out their invention as “so delicious” and the patent “fun to read.” That is good to know, because this patent was fun to write. I am thankful to all of my clients for the opportunity to represent them. I help protect their creative vision and make it a reality. Patents are particularly gratifying because I take a person’s idea and make it a permanent piece of U.S. history. Many of my clients now have patents in their hands, some having more than one. I expect more to issue this summer. If you have a great idea, do not hesitate to call. You just never know.

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