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Patent Themed Scavenger Hunt the Whole Family Can Do At Home

Apr 9, 2020

Full disclosure, I am a nerd. You probably figured that out based on where I went to college, but I fly my flag proud. I spend my working days doing patent searches and writing applications, so it stands to reason I see a LOT of inventions. I even see patents in my sleep. Well, not really. I DO, however, read the labels on the products I buy, and equipment I see out in the world. There’s a back story behind everything man made – a problem in our world, and a real inventor who thought he could solve it.

Most of us know Steve Jobs invented the iPhone and Elon Musk the Tesla automobile. But who would have thought that my “Ultra Soft Fitted Sheets” from Target were patented (9,259,107)? So are my Scrub Daddy® sponges (D571,515 and D690,892). Not surprisingly, Febreze® is too (6,146,621 and 6 others).

We are all going to be home a LOT in the near future. (read: we’re all going a little stir crazy!) If you have kids, you are trying to keep them busy, engaged and productive. Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt? I promise you have patented products in your home right now, right under your nose and in plain sight. Here is a patent themed scavenger hunt the whole family can do at home. I challenge you to take a closer look at all those back labels. Write down those patent numbers, then do your own real patent search at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. What will you find?

See more real inventions by people just like you, right here. Do you have a fabulous idea? Contact me today and learn if a patent is right for you.

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