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How can you patent software? Go ask alice.

Here’s a simple question I get a lot.  How can I patent my software?  I’ve got this great app.  How do I protect it? The answer should be simple, right?  Computers are machines.  Machines are built by men and are[...]

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Cool patent: Furniture for Generating Green Energy

No time to ride your bike to Starbucks?  Ride your “bike” at Starbucks, and charge your iPhone while you sit.  Neat, huh?  U.S. Patent Application 2014/0194257 by Belgian WeWatt.  [...]

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Look ma, no soil!

First there was hydroponics.  Now there is aeroponics.  Check out this amazing Garden Tower.  My friend’s rocking two different kinds of lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, peas, basil, dill and peas…a farmer’s market in the space of a grill.  She planted[...]

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