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100% inspiration... 0% perspiration

Hope springs eternal…springing for more money, that is.

This is the second client in a month coming to me after contacting an invention promotion company.  This firm at least did a respectable patentability search, but they buried it in 200 pages of a slick, yearbook-looking Product Summary Digest.  180[...]

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Hope springs eternal…

Sigh… The client came to me with a dream and a blank check. I wish it were that easy for me to make him a million dollars. But he went first to an invention promotion firm he had seen on[...]

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(Saying) Less is More

These days, everyone seems to want to be a startup, or help startups get started. The term “startup” is so overused it has become cliche. Public and private organizations everywhere have jumped on the bandwagon, offering classes on how to[...]

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Garages, shoestrings and kickstarters…

I am trying to position my law firm as an alternative to independent inventors who may not be able to afford “downtown” law firm prices. However, I am finding myself fielding many inquiries from people who may have great ideas, but[...]

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Mother was the Necessity of this Invention:


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