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100% inspiration... 0% perspiration

“I would never want to navigate the patent process on my own”

News doesn’t get any better than this. I work hard to be the kind of attorney I would want to hire. Not only smart, but cares about me and my case. She enjoys her work and treats me as more than an[...]

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How much does a patent cost?

This is probably my most frequently asked question. It is a very important one, too. A patent is a very powerful legal document. It gives you the right to sue someone for making, using, selling or importing your product without[...]

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Can I file my own patent or trademark application?

These days, it seems everyone wants to do it yourself. I love this can-do spirit. People are building their own homes, growing their own vegetables, sewing their own clothes. And for every project, there is a YouTube video that shows[...]

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Do I really need a patent search?

Many clients come to me stoked about a new product they’ve created. Their enthusiasm is contagious, I must admit, and this is truly the best part of my practice. They’ve never seen it anywhere. They’ve done a search on Google[...]

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Have your coffee and wear it too?

The law office comes out of hibernation with news of an invention that will warm your inside as well as out–Coffee yarn! Cheng-Chun Huang of Taiwan discovered a way to infuse yarn with coffee grounds. The yarn can be knit[...]

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Niles North High School Engineering Design & Development class welcomes Lesley Wallerstein

Thrilled to be invited back for another presentation with Robb Barton’s Engineering Design & Development class at Niles North High School. They will learn what patents are, what patents can (and cannot) do, whether they can patent software, the benefits of[...]

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Google invents “human flypaper” for hood of self-driving cars

Google was just awarded U.S. Patent 9340178, for what is essentially a human flypaper coating for the hood of its autonomous vehicles. To the naked eye, the coating appears as ordinary car paint, but hides a multilayer, impact-activated adhesive, not unlike[...]

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MIT scientists invent waterproof, wrinkle-smoothing cream

Scientists at MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, Living Proof and Olivo Labs have invented a silicone-based cream that, when applied to the skin, smoothes wrinkles and forms a weightless, waterproof and temporary second-skin.  The cream, when dry, looks and feels like real[...]

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Can’t catch me! Boston Marathon organizers lose bid to stop trademark in Marathon Monday

The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) lost its bid to stop Velocity, LLC to register a trademark in “Marathon Monday” for athletic apparel. The Trademark Trial and Appeals Board ruled that while BAA is synonymous with, and therefore has trademark rights[...]

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