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Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law

Respected by her peers, trusted by her clients. Lesley A. Wallerstein, Esq. is the smart attorney and smart choice.

A graduate of MIT and a former patent examiner,  Lesley knows how to write patent and trademark applications and get them done right.

Clients trust Lesley to have their back. She takes the time to understand your invention and business goals. Her advice draws from years of technical and legal experience. If you hire Lesley, she will keep you in the loop and guide you where you want to be.

In 2019, 2020, 2021, and again in 2022, Lesley’s peers and Super Lawyers selected her as an Illinois Super Lawyer – a distinction reserved for only the top 5% of lawyers in the state.

If your product or service is worth protecting, it is worth having a top lawyer on your side. Call or write Lesley today to see how she can help you.

Latest News

“Be That Lawyer” welcomes Lesley Wallerstein

“Be That Lawyer” welcomes Lesley Wallerstein

Lawyer business development coach Steve Fretzin welcomes Lesley Wallerstein on “Be That Lawyer.” On this podcast, hear me speak about how a “card-carrying introvert” built a successful law firm from the ground up. It took some getting comfortable with the discomfort...

We have some litigation chops, too!

We have some litigation chops, too!

We have some litigation chops, too! Generally, we stick to preparing applications and negotiating license agreements. However, when a corporation or an examiner gives one of our clients a raw deal, we are all over it. Joanne spearheads an environmental remediation...

It’s Spring time

It’s Spring time

It's Spring time at the law office! All fun and games aside, we are keeping busy with many new and interesting projects. Please join me in congratulating Adriana, Kathy, Victor, Galina and Gennadiy for their new trademarks. That's a lot of new businesses getting off...

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