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IKEA takes the high road with their low-end bag

In my line of work, people take their ideas very seriously. Frankly, that’s why my job exists. Patents and trademarks help people protect what they create. You get a patent or a trademark, then threaten to sue anyone who copies[...]

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“I would never want to navigate the patent process on my own”

News¬†doesn’t get any better than this. I work hard to be the kind of attorney I would want to hire.¬†Not only smart, but cares about me and my case. She enjoys her work and treats me as more than an[...]

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How much does a patent cost?

This is probably my most frequently asked question. It is a very important one, too. A patent is a very powerful legal document. It gives you the right to sue someone for making, using, selling or importing your product without[...]

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