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P(R)esident T(R)ump

P(R)esident T(R)ump

By In trademarks On January 25, 2017

You may have heard that President Trump has just applied to trademark “KEEP AMERICA GREAT.” In fact, he has applied for two trademarks in this phrase. You may not know that Trump already has two registered trademarks for “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, dating back to November 19, 2012. Conspiracy theorists will be quick to point out this was two weeks after Obama was re-elected. Regardless of your feelings about the man, you have to give him credit for being a master of his own brand.

Interestingly, a private citizen, Mary Pat Flynn of Palos Heights IL is asking the US Patent & Trademark Office to cancel one of these trademarks on the grounds of:

Priority and likelihood of confusion,
Dilution by blurring,
Dilution by tarnishment,
Fraud and
Common law use of the mark by Ronald Reagan dating back to 1979/1980

You may read the petition here: http://ttabvue.uspto.gov/ttabvue/v?pno=92064514&pty=CAN&eno=1

Flynn is representing herself.

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