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The patent was developed to protect an inventor’s interest in his/her intellectual property.


A symbol, word or words that are legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.


The exclusive legal right given by the government to the originator of a film, literary record, artistic or musical material.

Your idea is safe with me.

When you’re ready to grow your concept into something bigger, you need an attorney who will help build your business every step of the way, who will be there to answer your questions. You need an attorney who understands the business of invention. More than just getting you a patent, trademark or copyright, Lesley Wallerstein is your startup’s idea counsel.

Educated at MIT and trained at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, I have the technical and legal skills to get the job done right.

Flat fees for many services mean no hidden costs and no counting minutes on the clock when you need advice.

Free referrals to trusted business support professionals in marketing, finance, manufacturing and promotion.

If you want a patent or trademark attorney who does more, call Lesley for an appointment today.

Latest News

Track One and Done! Patent allowed in under 4 months.

We are so happy to hear another client will be receiving her patent in under a year. It was my client’s idea to expedite her application. We did a patent search, and found nothing. We decided to go ahead and[...]

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Ugg(R) Gives Aussie Sheepskin Footwear Makers the Boot

News flash – Uggs® are not from Australia, at least not anymore. They are actually made in China. But you wouldn’t necessarily know that from their packaging. Technically, the trademark is just UGG®–without Australia. Deckers Outdoors, based in California, owns[...]

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A New “Slant” on Disparaging Trademarks

Portland, Oregon based rock band The Slants won back the right to trademark their name. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office had denied Simon Tam and his Asian-American bandmates a trademark on grounds it disparages that ethnic group. Tam appealed[...]

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